Crimped fittings made of copper and stainless steel, 15 - 54 mm

Press fittings made of copper or stainless steel are used for the easy connection of copper or stainless steel pipes, e.g. for compressed air distributions. They are offered for pipe diameters 15-54 mm and can be pressed with conventional die set profiles (z.B. Mapress, Viega or SA). The copper fittings can be pressed with any copper pipe acc. to EN 1057, the stainless steel fittings with our system pipe as per DIN EN 10312. Our press fittings are intended especially for use with compressed air. For this reason not only the stainless steel fittings, but also the copper fittings are equipped with a FKM seal and we do not offer any corrosion susceptible, somewhat more economical galvanised steel fittings.