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drill - counterbores

In addition to the twist drills (DIN 338/DIN 345) in rolled (HSS-R), polished (HSS-G) and polished, cobalt-alloyed (HSS-G Co 5) quality, we also supply cone countersinks (DIN 335), counterbores (DIN 373), sheet metal drills and step drills made of HSS-G and HSS-G Co 5 for metal cutting. For drills and chisels in concrete and masonry we recommend hammer drills, impact core cutters and chisels with SDS-plus actuator from Hawera, which fit in every hammer drill. For simple work on masonry Hawera also offers "Perfect Power" hammer drills (DIN 8039) and "Multiconstruction" multi-purpose drills for commercially available hammer drills. Tip: For machining stainless steel use tools made of HSS-G Co 5 with sufficient cutting oil.