Our motto is simple and uncomplicated online ordering. Our diverse and tailor-made eCommerce solutions enable you to simplify your purchasing process and save on valuable processing costs.

OpenTrans, EDIFACT, Idoc and others

In order to make the electronic communication between you and us as easy as possible, we support a variety of standards for electronic data interchange. In this way, our IT systems and those of our customers interchange orders, invoices and much more directly, without media disruption or the need to type anything out.

We refrain from using external service providers for this process in order to ensure the confidentiality of the data. Should you require access to an external platform or a service provider, we can of course also facilitate this for you.

OCI interface (Open Catalogue Interface)

If your ERP system supports OCI, you will be transferred automatically from your ERP to our shop and thus have access to the latest product data, current stock and price information, and recoding tables. As required, your basket will be transferred via OCI back to your ERP either before or after your successful order, and this can then be used for the automatic acquisition of the transacted order/selection in your ERP. A separate manual acquisition of the order in your ERP is thus no longer necessary.

Core product data

Take advantage of our sophisticated data maintenance by importing all of our core products (over 300.000 warehouse items) into your ERP-system or purchasing platform at the touch of a button. We can make the data available to you as BMEcat, CSV or Datanorm. Slogans, search terms and classifications according to Ecl@ss or UNSPSC are contained within this of course.

  • CSV:

    Simple text format with item number, search term, purchase and sale prices, product description, catalogue page and other product details. Simplest format for maximum compatibility with numerous ERP-systems, Excel, Access, databases and text viewers.

  • Datanorm:

    A core product data format that is widely used in the manual trade sector. Use our item numbers, search terms, descriptions, prices and discounts.

  • BMEcat:

    The pinnacle of data exchange! Short and detailed product descriptions, including descriptions of use. Value tables & properties, complete catalogue pages, technical data sheets and product pictures. Well-structured catalogue and detailed keyword index for effective searching and finding. Can be requested with Ecl@ss and UNSPSC coding.