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Pilot operated check valves, Classic

Exemplary representation: Pilot operated check valve without manual emergency operation Schematic symbol: Unlockable check valve


Body: Aluminium anodised and galvanised steel, seals: NBR

Temperature range:

-10°C to +70°C

Operating pressure:

1 to 10 bar


oiled and unlubricated, filtered compressed air, neutral and non-hazardous gases


The check valve function can be used for a brief intermediate stop of an actuator. If there is a control signal on the actuating connection, the flow between the banjo and male threads is possible in both directions. If there is no control signal, the valve locks the flow from the male thread to the banjo (venting the actuator), thus causing it to stop briefly. The flow from the banjo to the male threads (towards the actuator) is unaffected by the control signal.

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  • Catalogue page Atlas 9 (Page 788) atlas9_seiten/788.pdf
    Documentation doku/stop.pdf
    Function of pilot operated check valves on pneumatic cylinders
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Pilot operated check valves, Classic:
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