U-push in connector, LE (inch)


Body and sleeve: POM (FDA approved), holding claw: Stainless steel, seals: EPDM (FDA certified)

Temperature range:
0°C bis +65°C

Operating pressure:
-0.95 to 16 bar (Ø 3/8", 1/2", 10 mm & 12 mm: max. 11 bar)*

unoiled compressed air, water, liquid foodstuffs, non-hazardous gases and liquids (no mineral oils), mild chemicals

NSF / ANSI 61, materials acc. to FDA

•available for metric and imperial hoses, G thread, •R-thread and NPT-thread available, •compatible with many other manufacturers

*For temperatures >20°C, calculate operating pressure with this correction factor: 30°C: 0.88 - 40°C: 0.77 - 50°C: 0.69 - 65°C: 0.63, example: 50°C, operating pressure = 16 bar * 0.69 = 11 bar

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U-push in connector, LE (inch): 2 of 2 items

U-push in fitting1/4" (6,35 mm), IQS-LE (EPDM-seal)
  • D

    1/4" (6,35 mm)

  • Operating pressure [bar]

    -0,95 to 16

Immediately available

2,23 €

U-push in fitting5/16" (7.94 mm), IQS-LE (EPDM-seal)
  • D

    5/16" (7.94 mm)

  • Operating pressure [bar]

    -0,95 to 16

Immediately available

2,43 €

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